Check Engine Light Trouble Shooting

The check engine light is an important indicator for you to assess any potential problems your car might be facing technically. It does not only indicate a problem with the engine but also anything that goes wrong under the hood. If that happens, you should brace yourself for a repair job. If your dashboard displays the check engine light is on, you know there’s something wrong.

Check engine troubleshooting usually leads to professional repair work and the need of a trained car mechanic. The most frequent and common problems that trigger the check engine light on are malfunctions with emission controls. This is the system that tries to keep the air from coming into the car cleaner. There are a lot of components used to do this such as valves, sensors, flaps, and heated wires. Hence, any problem with any of these components can prompt the engine light to be on.

Before you start spending big on your car engine, you should know that there are many little things as well that trigger the engine light coming on and can be handled by yourself. They are as follows:

<strongGas cap is not closed tight enough

If you leave the gas cap loose, that can alter the pressure building up inside the gas tank. This can cause a lot of imbalance inside the tank and can have its effect on the engine. The gas leakage from the tank can cause the check engine light to turn on. This is one of the basic ways for check engine troubleshooting. If this continues, you should consult a mechanic immediately.

Excessively Wet Engine

Many car engines face the wetness problem. The engine is made up of many wires and any excessive water can cause these wires to spark. These sparking wires bring about malfunction in the engine, which causes the check engine light to go on. Check engine troubleshooting is something every car owner should learn as there are many small things that he can fix himself.

Damaged Spark Plug Wires

Another situation that can trigger the check engine light on is damaged spark plug wires. Once these wires start getting older, they deteriorate and can develop tiny cracks. This allows electric current to burst out of the wires. This can sometimes cause the engine to misfire slightly leading to serious malfunction. Such actions can cause the check engine light to turn on. It is best to replace the damaged spark plug wires soon before it has a drastic effect on the engine.

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