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A&M Auto Repair is a full service, automotive repair and maintenance shop serving the Los Angeles area with 20 years of consistent and friendly service.
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We are a friendly, clean and efficient shop. We understand that sometimes car repair can be stressful and we do everything possible to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied with their service experience.
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Car Repair Los Angeles

When it comes to car repair, Los Angeles has some unique considerations compared to the rest of the country. Certain repairs are more common than others in this city, and prices can be higher.

Car Repair: Los Angeles Can Be More Expensive

According to a recent survey, car repair prices are about 11% higher than anywhere else in the country, although it’s not the most expensive state. Part of the reason has to do with labor costs, which are higher in California and especially in Los Angeles. Also, people simply drive more due to milder temperatures year round. The “car culture”, with its endless freeway system, adds up to more wear and tear on any car than in other areas. And finally, the summer heat can be hard on cars in L.A.

More Common Problems

Your Battery: In hotter, drier climates, the life of your car battery can be a lot shorter. Summer temperatures in LA stay around 90 degrees fahrenheit under brilliant sunshine for months out of the year. The life of a manufacturer’s original car battery is expected to be five years, but in L.A. You could expect problems as early as three years into the life of the car.

Your Water Pump: The climate is drier and hotter in California and the water pump, which mixes and delivers coolant throughout your engine, can see problems early – and even if it doesn’t the increase sun and heat on the car make keeping it in good repair crucial.. In more temperate climates the life of the water pump could last until about 70,000 miles, but in Los Angeles you might have to replace it sooner. Losing the pump can lead to overheating which could seriously damage your car.

Brake Pads:

Brake pads don’t last forever. Though it’s an inevitable car repair, Los Angeles vehicles tend to experience worn brake pads sooner and more often. Stop and go traffic, aggressive highway driving and generally abusing the brakes is the cause of an early breakdown – for a heavier SUV or other gas-guzzler problems could start as early as 30,000 miles. In a lighter car brake pads can last to 60 or 70,000 miles, but it’s smart to expect them sooner.

All Things Rubber:

In the California sunshine, all rubber belts, hoses, and seals can be much more vulnerable to drying out and cracking years before their time. This could be something as minor as the window seal drying out and crumbling off, or something more serious, like radiator belts or hoses coming apart under the hood. Problems could be minor or very major, including overheating problems.

The solution to most problems over the life of your car is to make sure you or a professional mechanic performs proper maintenance to your vehicle in a timely manner. Your warranty will cover car repair: Los Angeles heat and sun can give you certain problems earlier than you expect. If you pay attention early on, you might avoid getting stuck paying out of pocket. If you have any more questions and car repair in Los Angeles services then call us today.